The “teamwork” way of marketing and advertising is one of our signature ways through which we popularize fashion brands which are on board with us. We think that the best kind of advertising is done when the general public is involved in it, since those messages are directed at them, hence the most impactful way is to indulge them in the advertising campaign.

Our teamwork strategy includes handing a board, which advertises a specific fashion brand, to random people on the streets, in order to increase the reach of that specific brand. We believe that while billboards and TVC’s might cater to a large chunk of mainstream audience, the impact of one to one advertising can’t be totally ignored. One to one advertising gives your product the chance to be directly introduced to your potential customers which makes them believe that the product is personally connected to them in one way or another, which in turn makes their views favorable towards it. Taking advantage of this direct involvement of the potential customers, we help your product in increasing its reach and hence, its sales.