The basic problem within city ads is that either their placement is at the most mainstream locations one can think of or the tone/type of those ads is very straightforward and boring. We come up with marketing solutions and ad placement ideas within your local city roads, which are so eye catchy that we guarantee you the fact that your ad won’t go un-noticed by the passersby.

Spots such as park benches and gutter-heads are utilized by our ad placement teams to get your brand’s ad stand out amongst the many similar products being marketed on huge billboards on the country side. We are fully aware of the fact that how much ad placement matters in making a product well known amongst its targeted audiences, that is exactly why we choose specific locations such as city clocks and bus stands to grab attention of customers in their daily routine walks to their offices or a simple stroll in the park. It’s all about the creative ad placement techniques which make your product a success and we know how to make that happen for your fashion brand.