Loanii Star is a creative brand that specializes in fashion designing, advertising, modeling, event management and providing marketing solutions.

Refusal to Service:

Loanii Star holds the right to refuse their services to any company or client. If Loanii Star feels that the company is not a good potential client, they can refuse to offer their services without any reason.


All clauses and subsections to an agreement will be decided before the agreement is signed. Both parties will be bound by the agreement.


If an order or agreement is cancelled within 24 hours, the client will only be liable to pay 20% of the decided payment. Otherwise, the

entire payment will be paid and Loanii Star will not be responsible for returning any amount to the client.

In case of cancellation of an agreement or order, the client will responsible and liable for any payment fees up to the date of the termination. The fees will include all incurred costs before the project was cancelled. For cancellation by either party, a written notification needs to be written to the other party.

Payment of Fees:

Loanii Star will convey invoices for all orders. The client will be responsible for making the payments within the due date after which an already decided upon fee will be incurred. All interest and late fees shall continue to be accrued monthly.

Notices/Communication during Agreement:

Any communication carried out during the course of the agreement should be in writing. Loanii Star will not be responsible for any promises made verbally, the client must obtain any notice in writing or it will not be applicable.

Third Parties Involvement:

Loanii Star may employ third party vendors or require making purchases in conjunction with the services Loanii Star has already agreed to provide. Loanii Star is also allowed to engage in any business with third party vendors for products or services and the client will be responsible for payments for said products or services.

Dispute Policy:

In case of any disagreement or queries with Loanii Star services, the client shall contact Loanii Star directly through written notice. The client is prohibited from making any negative remarks or comments about Loanii Star on any social media, etc. The client is also not allowed to contact other Loanii Star clients and convey any biased information to them.

Revision of Terms and Conditions:

Please note that these terms and conditions can be revised from time to time without informing the clients. Any orders or agreements made after the change will be subject to the new terms and conditions. Once an order has been placed, or an agreement has been made, we will not be able to make any changes to the terms and conditions that apply to it.

Contacting Loanii Star

Before placing an order, if you would like to contact us regarding any queries you may have, you can contact us via telephone or email, simply refer to the “Contact” tab on our website.