LOANII STAR is one of the few companies in the UK which are known to be famous for their innovative marketing campaigns, when it comes to any fashion brand. Keeping in mind the changing trends of the market, the marketing campaigns we create are a mixture of using the traditional and the contemporary mediums to promote a specific brand. We know that today’s market world is full or competition and finicky customers who tend to question every aspect of the product they’re viewing or buying, so keeping that in mind, our creativity team sketches a marketing campaign which gives you an edge over your competitors, in the eyes of your customers.

The first step that we take before initiating any marketing campaign, is to get in touch with our client and listen to what they have in their mind. After that, we make up a marketing plan which basically involves direct marketing objectives that we know that the client wants to achieve, and the activities or the ways through which those aims will be fulfilled within a given time frame. Our marketing plan will basically be an answer to questions like, “where is the client now?”, “where do they want to be in the next 1 year?”, “what steps will be taken to get there?” and so on. So before coming up with a marketing campaign for your fashion brand or hiring models, we will first come up with a plan and then choose the models and other supplementary materials accordingly.

Since the market is very huge, we often won’t know exactly, about your specific brand or product’s competitors in the market so before commencing a marketing campaign for you, we will first study the specific market in which your brand is operating, come up with a marketing analysis based on the research we did of the related market, which will in turn help us to formulate the marketing strategy and later, the campaign, for you. Our marketing analysis will take in to account certain factors, such as the market size, the rate at which the market is growing as well as various trends circulating the market. While we’re studying the market, at the same time we’ll also be doing research on your brand’s strengths and weaknesses as well as its opportunities so that the marketing strategy we come up with is suitable for your fashion brand.The marketing strategy we create for you, pays great emphasis on “branding”, since we know that it will give your fashion brand, symbol or design, an edge over your competitors.

Not just that, but the moment the audience starts identifying your brand or designs, it is that point which we at  LOANII STAR  plan on achieving for all our clients. We are fully aware of the fact that your brand will be responsible for representing your market identity; questions such as who you are, what you do, what kind of quality you provide, your reputation for trustworthiness, and all such things will be hidden deep down in your brand name, which is why we put extra effort to turn your company or fashion product in to a “brand.”